NCCAOM PDA course fee with the certificate of completion: 200. We provide the following PDA courses.

Health Economics
TCM Budgeting and Financial Accounting
Healthcare Financial Management
Healthcare Regulations and Compliance
Healthcare Cost Analysis and Decision Making
Strategic Management and Marketing
Healthcare Leadership
Practice Ethics and Risk Management Considerations
Operations Management for Health Organizations
Financial Modeling with Excel
TCM Guide - Weight Loss
First Aid Homeopathy
Chinese Diet & Nutrition
Introduction to Shang Han Lun: Taiyang
Traditional Herbal Formulas
Herbs for Pain
Acupuncture for Sports Injuries
Introduction to Tuina Techniques
Qi Gong Practices to Fine-Tune the Lungs
Diagnosis and Treatment for Cold
Telehealth: Developing Online Courses for Educating Your Patients
Telehealth: Developing Online Store for Servicing Your Patients
Telehealth: Internetworking Among Your Clinics
Information Security to Meet HIPPA standards
Web Accessibility and Security
Image Editing and Retouching
Studying TCM: Learn Chinese Language for Beginners
Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 3
Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 4
Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 5

Duration: 3 months
Price: $200.00



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