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PDA Points: 12.5 (NCCAOM Provider # 9273)

Course Type: Distance Learning/Online

Course Description:
Digitalization and cybersecurity have almost become synonymous in the era of digitalization, and cybersecurity defense is even more important in healthcare than it is in most other industries. A cyberattack that disrupts a hospital, clinic, or doctor's practice's ability to access medical records or operate clinical equipment can result in canceled treatments, patient distress, and, in some cases, fatalities. This course intends to provide the latest technologies and skills in cybersecurity for students who work in the healthcare industry. Students will also learn the essential concepts in computer antivirus/antimalware, create a data backup and restore plan, and stay current in IT security.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $49.00

Cybersecurity and 29 other PDA courses are available as a bundle package for $499 per year.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $499.00

Cybersecurity and 29 other PDA courses + Master degree courses at International Holistic Life Sciences Institute for $999 per year to pursue a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration or Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $999.00



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