Cybersecurity for Healthcare bundle package

Cybersecurity for Healthcare bundle package

Cybersecurity and 29 other PDA courses are available as a bundle package for $499 per year.

** You can get a free telehealth mobile app with a detailed User Guide regardless of which option you choose. The telehealth operation will be completely free if self-managed. IHLSI provides fully managed telehealth services for up to 30 users for $30 per month, with an additional $5 per user per month.

*** 30 PDA courses

1. Health Economics
2. Qi Gong Practices to Fine-Tune the Lungs
3. Healthcare Leadership
4. Chinese Diet & Nutrition
5. TCM Guide- Diagnosis and Treatment for Cold
6. Traditional Herbal Formulas
7. Business Ethics and Risk Management Considerations
8. TCM Guide- Introduction to Tuina Protocols
9. TCM Budgeting and Financial Accounting
10. Healthcare Financial Management
11. TCM Guide-Herbs for Pain
12. TCM Guide - Weight Loss
13. First Aid Homeopathy
14.Introduction to Shang Han Lun:Taiyang
15. TCM Guide- Acupuncture for Sports Injuries
16. Studying TCM: Learn Chinese Language for Beginners
17. Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 3
18. Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 4
19. Studying TCM: Chinese Proficiency Level 5
20. Apply the Five Elements and Spirits to Balance Emotions, Stress and Mental Health
21. Guidelines of Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression with Advanced Acupuncture
22. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Preeclampsia
23. Efficient therapy of hot flashes using traditional Chinese medicine
24. The Risk and Harms of Safety in Acupuncture Therapy
25. Postpartum support with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition
26. The Key to Acupuncture Treatment Success in Hospital-care and Inpatients
27. Skillful use of acupuncture point combinations to heal psychological and emotional trauma
28. Cybersecurity for Healthcare
29. Overall comprehension of liver-related treatment of liver disease
30. Malaria: Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Invite a friend to subscribe to IHLSI's PDA courses, and both of you will
get a free month of IHLSI's telehealth mobile app with service (*).
* An additional fee will be applied for more than 35 users.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $499.00



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